Call for Papers

Topics on all aspects of SCC and rheology of cement-based materials will be considered.

Part 1: SCC

1. Raw Materials and Mix Design for SCC

Selection of ingredients,  Use of chemical admixtures & SCMs & fibers in SCC,  Mix design procedures

2. Workability of SCC

Rheology of SCC, Action mechanisms of chemical admixture & SCMs, New instruments and test methods

3. Properties of Hardened SCC

Development of mechanical properties, Visco-elastic properties, Durability

4. Structural Performance of SCC

Structural properties of SCC elements, Bond to reinforcement, Seismic resistance, Long-term properties of structural elements

5. Constructability and Applications of SCC

Production and QA/QC, Constructability and formwork pressure, Technical and economic evaluation, Case studies

Part 2: Rheology & Pumping

1. Rheological behavior of fresh concrete

Non-Newtonian behavior, Thixotropic behavior, Shear-thinning and shear-thickening behavior, Factors affecting rheology and its mechanisms

2. Measurements of rheological parameters

Oscillatory shearing test, Special testing techniques or setups

3. Numerical simulation of concrete flow

Numerical simulation tools, Simulation techniques, Simulation of concrete flow in different circumstances

4. Rheology & Pumpability

Rheology, tribology and pumpability, Prediction of pumping, Full-scale pumping test, Pumping techniques

5. Rheology & 3D printing

Rheology and shape holding capacity, Rheology and multi-layer casting bonding, 3D printing concrete equipment and techniques







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